Be desired. Date kinky, curious and openminded singles and couples around you.

Anonymously invite your friends

Our perception of love is evolving beyond social norms. With me you can meet likeminded people and explore your sexuality, away from social pressure.

Singles and couples

Go solo, take a buddy or your partner, I love it how you love it. I put no limits on love and lust. Just swipe up to get lucky.


I am a little orange hideaway. Privacy is top priority. You can use an imaginary name and hide from Facebook friends.

Safer environment

I keep the playground nice and tidy. I use Facebook login to push away scammers and create a safer environment.

Incognito mode

Hide from Facebook friends and lock me with a Pincode.

Real humans

Fancy Facebook verification, but no need to use your real name.

Group matches

Invite your matches to a group chat or keep things private.

Unlimited playfulness

Unlimited swipes. No ads. No Paywalls. Just play.
I was inspired by a true story. A curious couple thought there must be a way to explore sexuality with modern, beautifully made technology. They felt the pressure of society can be weakened by honesty, and decided to admit their curiosities and create me. I am that loving place for the kinky, curious and openminded, where you won't be judged for who you are, or the fantasies you have.

Made for lust.

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